We're not out of the woods yet. Active COVID-19 cases in Canada are down but it's not all good news. There are still thousands of active ones than what was seen last month and it's still higher than when Quebec changed how it reports recoveries back in July.

As of September 9, there are 6,868 active cases of COVID-19 across the country.

While that's down from the previous day when it was over 7,000, it might not be time to take a sigh of relief just yet.

The count from September 9 is still way higher than it has been since Quebec changed how their recoveries are reported, drastically decreasing the numbers in the country.

On July 17, the active case count dropped from over 25,000 to just over 4,000.

That's because, with the new system of reporting, people in Quebec who have tested positive but aren't in the hospital anymore are considered recovered after 14 days.

Before that, Canada's active case count had reached a peak of more than 35,000 at the end of May and was on a slow downward trend into the 20,000 range during the following two months.

According to Dr. Theresa Tam, there has been an average of 618 new instances of the virus reported each day over the last week.

In total, there have been more than 133,000 cases in Canada and over 9,000 deaths with 88% of people who had the virus now recovered.

Provinces like B.C., Alberta and Manitoba have seen spikes in the last month.

Over the Labour Day long weekend, 429 new COVID-19 tests came back positive in B.C. which led the province's health officer to shut down nightclubs.

Meanwhile, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney said places won't be shut down again even with a rise in cases.

In Ontario, a COVID-19 outbreak in Mississauga is the largest workplace outbreak the province has seen during the pandemic so far.

Cases are rising in Toronto as well and the blame is being placed on partying millennials.

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