Toronto's Seeing A Rise In COVID-19 Cases Among Millennials Going To Parties

Just put the parties on hold for now!
Toronto's Seeing A Rise In COVID-19 Cases Among Millennials Going To Parties

Fighting against the global pandemic is still an uphill battle, and young people are not invulnerable. Toronto's COVID-19 cases have seen an increase among millennials, and the city's top doctor is worried. She also wants people to know that the virus can be damaging no matter what age you are.

During a September 9 briefing on the virus, Toronto's Chief Medical Officer Of Health Dr. Eileen de Villa, said that the city has seen a rise in cases among people under the age of 40.

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"Within the last week or two, we have seen a number of infections in our city amongst younger people...associated with socializing in closed settings and without the use of masks or appropriate social distancing," she said.

Dr. de Villa added that while there may be some cases associated with younger people being in certain higher-risk jobs, she does not have solid data on that.

She reiterated that she has seen instances of cases coming from young people socializing and ignoring public health measures.

There was also a stern reminder that while the virus does not typically result in hospitalization or death among young people, there are long-lasting health consequences being observed.

Dr. de Villa stated that these can include effects on the lungs, heart, and brain, as well as chronic fatigue.

"I would ask young people to make their choices carefully," Dr. de Villa said, "and to think about what might happen, because there is no guarantee that a COVID-19 infection is like a cold where you just get sick and then get better."

Rising cases among young people are not just limited to Toronto. Ottawa also saw a majority of its recent cases amidst its youth, including children under the age of nine.

The issue has also been recognized on the national level, with most of Canada's cases now being among people under the age of 40.

Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam noted that these outbreaks were occurring in bars, restaurants, and other spaces that "draw in this younger age demographic."

The situation in Toronto has become so desperate that Mayor John Tory has even thought about using TikTok to reach out to millennials.