Toronto Wants To Spam You On TikTok Because Millennials Keep Getting COVID-19

Tory's trying to get with the times. 📱
Toronto COVID-19 Cases In Young People Means The City Is Planning To Use TikTok

Mayor John Tory is concerned about an increase of Toronto COVID-19 cases in younger people. So much so that he says the city will look to turn to TikTok in an attempt to reach the young masses. It's not clear how this would look, but it seems Toronto's willing to try all it can to get its message across.

Tory said on Wednesday, August 19, that the average age of people with COVID-19 infections over the past two weeks is 39 years, rather than the overall pandemic average of 52.

The proportion of cases in people under the age of 29 has also increased considerably in the last few weeks.

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"I know young people feel immortal and invincible. I can remember those days, but I urge them to be cautious,” said Tory on Wednesday.

"Beyond our usual communication methods, [..] we are exploring how we can get the message out to young people, including using TikTok or any other platform we know that can more effectively reach the younger people," he continued.

The mayor also admitted that "it isn't lost on me" that younger people were much more likely to be watching the second Toronto Raptors playoff game than his briefing, which were happening simultaneously on Wednesday.

Health Minister Christine Elliott has previously spoken on the matter, saying a few weeks ago she feels the uptick in cases amongst youth is down to "COVID fatigue." 

In other words, Ontario thinks younger people are getting bored of social distancing and having to stay inside as summer creeps on.

Premier Doug Ford has also been very vocal in his fight to educate young people on COVID-19. He recently blasted a group of youth in Brampton for hosting a party of almost 200 people.

The Premier labelled the culprits with his favourite insult: "a bunch of yahoos."

Since the city has moved into stage three, it's appeared to become more difficult to keep large crowds from gathering. 

Just last week, for instance, over 500 people were thought to have been exposed to COVID-19 at the Brass Rail stripclub. So far, one employee and one patron have tested positive. 

The province is also pushing the new COVID-19 tracing app in order to prevent community transmission, another way it hopes millennials and Gen Z can be reached more widely.

Keep an eye on your TikTok, because Toronto's got a plan.