Sun's out, burger buns out. If you’re looking for ways to celebrate within your social circles in Ontario, we’ve got just the thing. These already-iconic No Name brand mini barbecues will let you grill it up with your friends this summer and they’re just so Canadian. 

From their sassy social media presence to their sold-out merch, it’s no secret that people all across Canada have mad love for No Name products. 

So if you’re a total brand-stan, you can now cook up your favourite burgers and hotdogs on a bright yellow grill complete with bold black font. 

The BBQs will sell for $99 each.

They’ll be available for a limited time in No Frills stores all across Canada starting June 18, according to a representative for the brand. 

In the brand's classic dry-humour fashion, each grill reads “barbecue for grilling.” 

Just in case you weren’t sure what to do with it. 

And now that we can finally hug people within our bubbles again, there’s really no better time for a backyard BBQ. 

Once word of the grill spread on Twitter, Ontarians were dying to try it for themselves.

“I didn't know I needed this until now,” one user writes.

Us neither, to be fair.

Many were quick to admit they couldn't wait to add this yellow gem to their summer plans.

Others couldn't help but notice how on-brand these new grills appear. 

"This feels delightfully like peak #nonamebrand and possibly the only thing that could tempt me to enter a Superstore this summer," one user tweeted.

Now, if you're thinking that grocery store-branded BBQs and T-shirts are a little over the top, that's just the start.

One Ontario resident even took the No Name appreciation to new levels with a yellow bedroom makeover.

How's that for brand love?

So if you're ready for cookouts and long-overdue hugs this summer, then this might be exactly what you and your squad are looking for.

After all, we can finally hang out again across the province and get that backyard grill on with summer finally hitting.

This might just be the most Canadian way to do it.

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