There’s still hope, Schitt’s Creek fans! In an interview this week, following a record-breaking Emmys sweep, Dan Levy admitted that he hopes there’s a future for the show. He said that if there was a new season of Schitt’s Creek, it would have to be “deserving of everyone’s time.”

It was a historic weekend for the Ontario-based sitcom on Sunday, as the show took home a record-breaking number of comedy awards at the Emmys.

Recognized for their acting, writing, directing and casting, the cast and crew took home nine statues in total.

While the show’s award-winning season six has been confirmed as its last, Dan Levy admitted that he still hopes there’s a future for the comedy.

Discussing the Emmy sweep on Tuesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, Levy was asked “Will we ever see these characters again?”

“I guess it just depends on how much money people want to spend,” Levy joked in response.

“There’s a kind of elegance about bowing out when people still care about you,” he said, more seriously.

He then added, “If we come back in some capacity, which I hope we do, it has to be deserving of everyone’s time.”

This isn’t the first time Levy has hinted that there could be more Schitt’s Creek on the horizon.

Back in April, when the finale first aired, he entertained the idea of a follow-up movie, but said there would have to be “a reason for it." 

The writer, producer, actor and director explained that something like that would have to come at a time "where it feels necessary to continue to tell that story."

The cast and crew celebrated their Emmys sweep at a socially distanced party in Toronto.

While their guest list had to be slashed at the last minute, due to Ontario’s updated COVID-19 restrictions, it was a pretty emotional night for all involved.

Although Sarah Levy, Dan’s co-star and sister, wasn’t present at the party, she had an epic freakout at home instead!


For fans eagerly awaiting season six on Netflix, the streaming service confirmed that it would be landing in Canada on October 7.

Fingers crossed we haven't seen the last of the Rose family just yet, eh?

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