A nail salon is fighting back after a woman made rude and racist remarks towards staff. Organic Nail Bar has gone public about the incident and posted a video of the woman's behaviour on social media. She reportedly never paid for their services after going on a racist rant in the Toronto nail salon

The video itself is only a few seconds long, and the woman has her back turned to the camera while she is getting a manicure. 

According to the post, the woman asked "why they let Asian people into our country" when she was dissatisfied with the service.

This part was not caught on film, but other guests who were there at the time witnessed the rest of the encounter.

In the video, she can be heard talking down to the nail technicians and, in an agitated voice, saying, "That's not a proper technique, use something sharper." 

"I'm...super pissed off, I want my nails done now!"

In a post, the establishment outlined everything that happened during her visit. 

She reportedly tried to get a discount on the manicure halfway through after claiming the technician had not done a good job, according to the company's statement

She ended up not paying at all, the salon states. "She used racist remarks and discriminatory attitudes towards our employees."

Other customers who were also there at the time were the ones who sent the footage in, according to the post. 

Employees of the salon confirmed that the other customers had asked the woman not to be rude, which she reportedly ignored, the salon said to Narcity. 

Ultimately, she was asked to leave after an hour of verbally abusing the staff.

She also went on to leave a one-star review of her experience, according to the salon. 

Now, the business says it will go so far as to pursue legal action after several witnesses can confirm that the hate speech did occur. 

"Customers and employees in the store confirmed that they have heard her hate speech clearly," says the post.

"Our lawyers will be working on a lawsuit about this racist action towards our business."

This isn't the first time that a racist rant has been captured on film in Toronto this summer. 

Recently, a Filipina-Canadian woman was told to "go back to China" by a white woman while she was reading in a Toronto park. 

Other incidents have also been captured on the TTC, in supermarkets, as well as on the street

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