Mark your calendars, people! You’ll soon be able to watch the latest season of Schitt’s Creek on Netflix because it’s finally landing next month.

Just one day after Schitt’s Creek bagged a whopping nine Emmys, the streaming service confirmed that the final season will drop in Canada on October 7.

While season six first aired back in April, this will be the first time Netflix-subscribers will have access to the finale.

Season six has been dubbed by fans as pretty emotional, particularly as it's the final season of the Ontario-based show.

The cast and crew didn’t say goodbye without a bang though, as they picked up awards for best comedy, best comedy actor, best comedy actress and more during Sunday’s Emmys.

The night wasn’t without a few tears, though. Eugene Levy’s acceptance speech was super emotional and it even made Dan Levy cry!

Sarah Levy responded to the multitude of awards by having an epic freakout from home, while her brother delivered possibly the most Canadian speech ever.

Via Netflix
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