Right now is prime road trip time, as Florida gas prices are falling again, and Sunshine State residents are now paying the lowest rates since July.

AAA Florida reported that the state's average gas price has fallen for 15 consecutive days for a total discount of six cents.

Gas prices are drifting lower, reaching the low $2.00-range in many markets

Mark Jenkins, AAA Spokesman

Jenkins went on to explain that concerns about rising COVID-19 cases in Florida have kept expectations for fuel demand low, in turn keeping prices dropping.

Currently, the state average hovers around $2.09 for regular unleaded, with the least expensive median gas price being in places like Punta Gorda at $1.99, and Orlando at $2.05.

The current average price per gallon is 36 cents less than what residents were paying this time last year; a full tank will run road-trippers around $31, about $6 less than around this time last year.

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