Ontario Got Its Own Category On 'Jeopardy!' & The Contestants Had A Pretty Hard Time

The hockey question was pretty rough. 🏒

The set of 'Jeopardy!'. Right: 'Jeopardy!' contestant Sam answering a question about Ontario.

The set of 'Jeopardy!'. Right: 'Jeopardy!' contestant Sam answering a question about Ontario.

Ontario got more than just a shoutout on a recent episode of Jeopardy! — it had its own category of questions.

In the episode aired on January 30, five questions about Ontario put the contestants on their toes, with some of them showing just how little they know about Canada's most populated province.

The category "Worst Case Ontario" presented various scenarios that found their way to posing some kind of trivia question about the province.

"Fear not Ontarians, these are imaginary situations," said host Ken Jennings at the top of the show.

The $1,000 question in the category was selected first, by a contestant named Sam, who started things off strong.

"Zombies (& not the slow ones) are making their way from Detroit to this city across the Ambassador Bridge," read Jennings.

Sam chimed in first with, "what is Windsor?" for a correct answer.

Then, things started to get a bit hairy.

It was a hockey question that almost stumped the contestants.

"The intraprovince rivalry between the national capital's Ottawa Senators and these provincial capital NHLers comes to a fever of hate."

A confused-looking contestant named Jake incorrectly guessed "the Flames, " later admitting he is actually a hockey fan — yikes.

But Sam swooped in again, "what are the uh...Maple Leafs?" for the (obvious) correct answer.

He also correctly guessed a Worst Case Ontario question that pointed to the CN Tower, "King Kong, he's real & and he's climbing this 1,815-foot structure, his eye filling the window of the revolving restaurant."

Come on, that one was easy!

Another question they all had a much harder time with was which province sits next to Ontario, with guesses of Saskatchewan and Alberta before Jennings stepped in to tell them it is, in fact, Manitoba.

The last and supposedly easiest question in the category (for $200) was about Thunder Bay, and after (another) long, confused look from Jake, he correctly guessed that the city sits on Lake Superior.

Ontario's five minutes of fame on Jeopardy! got all kinds of reactions from the hometown crowd.

"Ooof these jeopardy contestants don't know the Maple Leafs or which province is west of Ontario," one person wrote on Twitter.

Others turned the category name into a political jab, calling Premier Doug Ford Ontario's "worst case."

"Tonight's Jeopardy episode had a category called "Worst Case Ontario," and I feel both seen and attacked 😭," another person said.

Would you have gotten these questions right?

Stuart McGinn
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