8 Pumpkin Patches Near Ottawa That Are So Cute You Won't Believe Your Pies

Instant fall goals at these adorable farms. 🎃

8 Pumpkin Patches Near Ottawa That Are So Cute You Won't Believe Your Pies
Staff Writer

Fall is the time for pumpkin everything. So to help you have some seasonal fun, here are eight pumpkin patches near Ottawa where you can get your jack-o-lantern making supplies.

These adorable farms are the perfect places to marvel at the sights, enjoy the crisp air, and take some festive photos. But some locations have other activities to enjoy, like giant outdoor mazes.

Log Cabin Orchard

Price: Free admission

Address: 6121 Cabin Rd., Osgoode, ON

Why You Need To Go: You'll want to arrive hungry, as they sell delicious churros and candy apples at their cantina.


Cannamore Orchard

Price: $13 per person

Address: 1480 County Rd. 32, Crysler, ON

Why You Need To Go: While here, you can get lost in the hedge mazes, say hello to the roaming chickens and buy some fudge to bring home.


Abby Hill Farms

Price: No admission fee

Address: 1490 Bankfield Rd., Kars, ON

Why You Need To Go: Here, you can find a giant sea of orange pumpkins in all sorts of sizes.


Ouimet Farms Adventure

Price: $17 per person

Address: 63 Main St. W., Vankleek Hill, ON

Why You Need To Go: Not only do they have a pumpkin patch but a massive Disney-themed corn maze that you'll want to try.


Saunders Farm

Price: $20+ per person

Address: 7893 Bleeks Rd., Ottawa, ON

Why You Need To Go: This fall, you can ride the hayride, explore the magical witches coven, get lost in several hedge mazes and treat yourself to boozy beverages and snacks on their patio.


Proulx Farm

Price: $14.95+ per person during Pumpkinfest

Address: 1865 O'Toole Rd., Cumberland, ON

Why You Need To Go: This cute farm sells all types of pumpkins, from ones perfect for decorating your home to the kind you use for pies.


Millers' Farm and Market

Price: Free admission

Address: 6158 Rideau Valley Dr. N., Manotick, ON

Why You Need To Go: It is an autumn paradise with a massive 8-acre pumpkin patch.


Orleans Fruit Farm

Price: Free admission

Address: 1399 St. Joseph Blvd., Ottawa, ON

Why You Need To Go: You don't need to leave the city to get a pumpkin. This farm is in Orleans, and while here, you can purchase all sorts of fresh vegetables.


Before you get going, check out our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

Stephanie White
Staff Writer