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Jagmeet Singh Wants ‘Proud Boys’ To Be Officially Designated As Terrorists ASAP (VIDEO)

He called out the feds for "no firm commitment" on the issue.
'Proud Boys' In Canada Should Be Officially ‘Designated As Terrorists’ Says Jagmeet Singh

When it comes to groups like the Proud Boys in Canada, Jagmeet Singh has made his position clear.

Taking to Twitter for the second time to speak about the issue, the NDP leader called out the federal government for failing to make a “firm commitment” to formally declaring the Proud Boys as a recognized terrorist organization.

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Following the U.S. Capitol building riots last week, Canada’s government confirmed that they were considering labelling the Proud Boys as an official extremist group.

If added to Canada’s list of recognized terrorist organizations, it would join Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and the Taliban, among others.

However, Jagmeet Singh says action must be taken “immediately” and continues to call for such groups to be “designated as terrorists.”

After originally calling for this on January 8, the party leader added, “This is no coincidence. It is the power of the people. We demanded this and the Liberals are being forced to respond.”

Sharing a petition, he added, “Let's keep pushing.”

Last year, the Canadian Armed Forces also took on the Proud Boys and ended up going viral after trolling them with a powerful message.

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