These Cottages Near Ottawa Have Floating Saunas Where You Can Heat Up Your Weekend

Enjoy a private spa day on the water.

Floating sauna on lake Papineau. Right: Aerial view of turquoise waters at Kenauk Nature.
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Floating sauna on lake Papineau. Right: Aerial view of turquoise waters at Kenauk Nature.

If you've ever wanted to have a spa day right in the middle of a lake, you may want to check out one of these private cottages in Ontario.

Kenauk Nature is one of the largest private reserves in North America, and is packed with cabin escapes that can feel like a dreamy break from reality (even if it's about an hour-and-a-half away from Ottawa). You can rent one of their cottages right on Papineau Lake, where you can get toasty in one of their floating saunas.

It will cost $250 to rent one for the whole day, and then if you want the sauna for longer than that, it'll cost $75 for each extra day (but you will have to book your visit at least 48 hours beforehand).

It fits up to six people so the entire crew can swim and sweat for a day of pure relaxation, Scandinavian spa style.

The sauna is a typical wood-burning furnace and comes with a paddleboard, ladder, and an outside area where you can catch some rays. Plus, they tow the barge directly to your cabin stay so it's waiting for you next to your lakeside dock.

This is an exclusive activity for the cottage rentals on Papineau Lake, which includes Papineau, Fairlight, Commandant, Hidden and Cedar stays. Anyone staying at one of the three kinds of chalets can book a steamy float.

The floating sauna is available from the spring season through fall. Outside of the saunas, you can also go clay shooting, rock climbing, and kayaking for some epic summer days.

Kenauk Nature

Price: $250+ one day sauna rental, $75+ for additional days

Address: 1000 Chem. Kenauk, Montebello, QC

Why You Need To Go: You're able to level up your cottage stay on the lake with a floating sauna for a Scandinavian spa experience that is sure to heat up your weekend.


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