Can you paddle your way to the finish line of this water maze near Ottawa?

Only 30 minutes away, you can race to escape Eco-Odyssee's 6.4-kilometre labyrinth from May until early fall.

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The activity is sure to test your sense of direction, as there are 64 intersections where you'll need to decide which way to go.

While exploring the lush marsh, you'll have the chance to spot all sorts of adorable wildlife like herons and beavers.

Together with one other person, you can canoe for $35 or try the paddle boats for $49.


Price: $35.00+ for two

When: From May until early fall

Address: 52 Chemin des Sources, Wakefield, QC 

Why You Need To Go: You can also do stand-up paddleboarding through the maze, which is perfect for solo travellers.