TikToker Compared Canada's Peace Tower To Vecna's Creepy Clock In 'Stranger Things' (VIDEO)

But some people are a bit... confused.

Canada's Peace Tower clock in Ottawa.
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Canada's Peace Tower clock in Ottawa.

A TikToker just compared Canada's Peace Tower clock on Parliament Hill to Vecna's ominous grandfather clock in Stranger Things, and some people are so confused.

In season 4 of Stranger Things, a grandfather clock and its deep-sounding "tick-tock" have come to foreshadow doom when villain Vecna closes in on victims.

Spoiler alert: in the second-last episode, "Chapter Eight: Papa," Max Mayfield, Nancy Wheeler, Lucas Sinclair and a few others of the Hawkins group reach the conclusion that the four chimes signify the "four kills" Vecna needs to open the gates to the Upside Down. What a creepy comparison for a clock that has come to symbolize Canada's capital!

@mollietrainor Siri play running up that hill by kate bush #ottawa #canada ♬ original sound - Taqwyd

"Siri play running up that hill by Kate Bush," writes TikToker mollietrainor, whose video has received nearly 250,000 views since June 29.

As the sound of Venca's clock ticks in the background, mollietrainor looks up at Canada's Peace Tower clock. The TikToker jokingly asks in the video's text, "Can the Ottawa locals confirm that this is usually here?"

However, some people were a bit confused by that question.

"Ottawa born and raised — and yes, I can confirm the sky is always there," answered one TikTok user. "Yeah, clouds are pretty common here," wrote another. "The... parliament? Building?" another asked.

Others were quick to point out that it was easy to identify Stranger Things fans as those who got the reference.

"Lmao, you can tell who watches it and who doesn't," one TikTok user commented.

But comparisons to the clock have become somewhat of a meme on TikTok since season four was released this May. A popular TikTok video from joeflexes reads, "pov: i hear that mf clock."

The chimes sound and he runs to put in ear pods, playing the show's redeeming song "Running Up That Hill" by Kate Bush. Gotta make sure you don't get taken by Vecna, right?

The Peace Tower clock, which is located in Ottawa, was a gift from the U.K. in celebration of the 60th anniversary of Canada's confederation in 1927.

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