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It's So Dry In Phoenix That The 'Rain' Didn't Touch The Ground

All thanks to a dry sub cloud layer.
Phoenix Weather Is So Dry That It 'Rained' But Didn't Touch The Ground

Monsoon season is here, and Phoenix weather saw a chance of rain, but it didn't turn out that way. The National Weather Service forecasted that there would be a "few showers around" however, the dry air didn't allow for much. And it's all thanks to a dry sub cloud layer.

The NWS Phoenix wrote on Monday morning, " A few showers around but very dry air below the clouds might not let much reach the ground."

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Parts of the Valley saw some light drizzle touch down but due to arid desert conditions, the rain that would've fallen evaporated completely. 

NWS also reported that "The morning showers produced a whopping TRACE of rain at Sky Harbor."

To measure the amount of rainfall, NWS said that it needs to be measurable to verify, but since the rain almost vanished completely, there was nothing to measure.


If you're craving heavy showers, there's some good news. 

Arizonans can expect an increased chance of rainfall and thunderstorms on Wednesday, Thursday, and into the weekend. 

As of now, there are no major weather conditions to expect throughout western parts of the state besides triple-digit temperatures. 

Today, July 20, the Valley will see a high of 107 F with a chance of thunderstorms in some spots, according to AccuWeather

You can expect mostly cloudy skies on Wednesday and heavy afternoon storms on Saturday.

With weekend storms predicted, it's your chance to cozy up at an air-conditioned home and watch the rainfall.

Making a trip to Grand Canyon this week? The NWS issued an Excessive Heat Warning with temps upward of 115 F at elevations below 4,500 feet.

It's in effect now through 8 p.m. on Monday. 

If you do plan on visiting, GCNP has an entire page dedicated to summer hiking!

Until then, it's safe to say it's going to be hot, hot, and hot, so stay cool out there!

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