Mysterious Strange Lights Appeared Over Arizona & The Report Is Chilling

This really happened!?
UFO Sighings In Arizona Include Strange Lights In The Sky & The Report Is Chilling

If you believe in all things paranormal and extraterrestrial, get ready to be spooked. UFO sightings in Arizona are so frequent, and there are thousands of entries for events that happened in the state. One of the most recent ones is super chilling.

The National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) is "dedicated to the Collection and Dissemination of Objective UFO Data," and based on its findings, Arizona is one of the top states with the most unidentified flying object sightings. 

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You'd be surprised at what some of these detailed accounts say. From fireball-shaped lights and spheres to bright diamond-shaped objects, there's a variety of unexplained events. 

One of the more recent events was posted on July 23, 2020. 

This sighting took place in Tonopah, with the eyewitness describing a "fireball with small fire balls beside it."

At first, they thought it was a meteor; however, the report continued to say that the balls of light did not disappear or "impact land."

This is where it gets creepy, "what we saw was the object become a fire in the sky and moved like a snake."

The report explained that the lights contracted and then expanded a few times before disappearing and reappearing, "not 10 seconds later." 

A total of eight lights were seen, and the duration of the event lasted around one minute in total. 

It ended with the witness writing, "it was exciting to see but later on some f! ear kicked in."

So far, the NUFORC has recorded 10 accounts from Arizona residents in July alone. 

Some of which occurred right in the Valley. According to an account reported on July 12, 2020, "A bullet shaped craft was traveling from east to west with a blue/purple contrails coming off the top and bottom of it."

The witness said that "About 10 seconds later a helicopter came from the east flying west as if in pursuit but was way to slow."

It sounds like a scene straight from Independence Day.

There are no explanations as to what Arizonans have seen, but since the state is one of the top extraterrestrial hotspots in the U.S., there's no telling what else people will encounter.

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