You Can Visit A Real-Life Halloweentown In The US & It's The Perfect Fall Road Trip From B.C.

Get ready for some nostalgia! 🎃

St. Helens, Oregon. Right: A person in the town square of St. Helens.

St. Helens, Oregon. Right: A person in the town square of St. Helens.

Fall is here, and where better to spend it than Halloweentown?

If you're thinking this magical place where every day is Halloween only exists in the movies, think again. A real-life Halloweentown exists in the U.S., and it goes all-out for spooky season.

Less than 5 hours from B.C., you can visit a U.S. town that comes alive in fall with bewitching decorations, spooky photo ops, and tons of family-friendly activities for the perfect autumn road trip.

Where is the real Halloweentown?

The real Halloweentown can be found in St. Helens, a small town in Oregon known for its charming inns, forested hills and beautiful scenery that transforms into a spooktacular Halloween destination in the fall.

The town served as the filming location for Disney's 1998 movie Halloweentown. Today, it continues to honor that legacy with a month-long celebration known as "Spirit of Halloweentown."

This year, visitors can look forward to a Big Halloween Parade, pumpkin lighting ceremonies in the town square, a haunted house that will be open every weekend, and a 25th-anniversary celebration of the original Halloweentown, complete with special guests from the movie, in addition to other fun events (a full schedule of which can be found on the town's website).

While you're there, don't forget to visit the iconic giant jack-o'-lantern in the town square for the perfect fall photo op.

How much does it cost to go to Halloweentown in Oregon?

If you want to check out the haunted house and other attractions, you'll need to purchase a ticket for the Spirit of Halloweentown event, which can done online. General admission starts at US$45 (about CA$60) per person over the age of 4.

However, it's free if you just want to roam around town and snap some Halloween photos — be sure to get one with Benny, the skeleton cab driver from the movie!

Where is St. Helens, Oregon? 

St. Helens can be found just 30 minutes from Portland, Oregon. The town is about a 5-hour road trip from southern B.C., or about 6 hours from Vancouver.

In addition to the Halloween events, you'll also find a collection of antique stores and charming shops, restaurants and breweries, parks and walking trails along the town's waterfront, and be able to enjoy expansive views of the Columbia River and Mount St. Helens.

Spirit of Halloweentown in St. Helens, Oregon

Price: US$45 per person

When: Until October 31, 2023

Location: St. Helens, OR

Why You Need To Go: You can visit a real-life Halloweentown this fall for the perfect spooky road trip.

Spirit of Halloweentown website

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