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New Scam Claims To Give Rogers Customers Credit After The Outage

Scammers are promising big bucks to make up for the huge outage last week.👇💰

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Just one week after the giant Rogers outage, scams claiming to offer credit or refunds are already appearing.

Following a genuine service outage that impacted customers across Canada on April 19, scammers are sending text messages to Canadians offering credits of anywhere between $50 to $135.

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Text messages from the scammers shared by Rogers customers on Twitter read, "As you know, last Monday there was a huge outage on our mobile services. To make up for our mistake, we are offering you a credit…"

The fake messages contain a link, which the recipient is told to click on to access a refund.

Rogers is warning Canadians that these messages are scams and should not be clicked on or interacted with. Instead, they should be ignored and reported to the company.

It's worth noting that Rogers has offered a legitimate credit to customers impacted by the outage, but this requires no action from the customer and will be applied automatically on their next bill.

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