Let's get saving! This new Roots Canada sale is for winter and there are lots of deals to get. That's because items that are included were already marked down.

Roots is having its Big Winter Sale right now both online and in-store so you can shop even if restrictions don't allow for shopping in person.

You can get up to 50% off all sale items which includes shirts, sweaters, pants and sweats.

Roots hasn't put an end date to this deal but if you want to take advantage of the savings, it's probably better not to wait.

Here are seven items that you can save a lot of money with.

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Cozy Buddy Kanga Hoody

Price: $44.98 ($84)

Details: This sweater is made with Roots' traditional cozy fleece and the classic beaver logo features the animal dressed in plaid and a toque. You'll save $39.02 with this online exclusive.

Julie Top

Price: $19.98 ($38)

Details: You can get this shirt and save just over $18 with the winter sale. It's made for everyday comfort so you know it must be really comfortable.

Killarney Pepper Henley

Price: $28.98 ($58)

Details: You can get this top for over half off! It's made with a heavyweight cotton rib design so that it's both warm and comfortable.

Camp Patch Zip Polo

Price: $44.98 ($92)

Details: You'll save a whopping $47.02 with this polo. It's lightweight but can still keep you warm if you layer up.

Womens Minden T-shirt

Price: $16.98 ($34)

Details: The Womens Minden T-Shirt has printed graphics and, with this specific top, you get a very punny one!

Mens Psychedelic Sun T-shirt

Price: $14.98 ($30)

Details: True to its name, this shirt features a graphic that's inspired by the sun. You'll save more than half with this.

Outdoors Boyfriend Crew Sweatshirt

Price: $69.99 ($82)

Details: If you're looking for a new sweater to keep you warm in the winter, this one is now in a heavier fleece. Plus, it's got cute Canadian artwork.

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