Ryan Reynolds Says He Has 'A Ton In Common' With Dwayne Johnson & The Bromance Is Real

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Ryan Reynolds Says He Has 'A Ton In Common' With Dwayne Johnson & The Bromance Is Real

The love-fest going on between Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson is showing no signs of slowing down during the promo for Netflix's Red Notice and it's honestly the cutest thing.

In an interview with Fatherly on November 12, the Canadian celeb gushed about his co-star and just how similar their lives are.

"We actually do have a ton in common," Reynolds said about his buddy D.J. "Every time we catch up and chat, it seems like we have more and more in common."

"Three daughters, obviously, we have similar backgrounds in terms of dynamics with our fathers and all kinds of stuff," he said. "It doesn't stop there. We're both liquor magnates. We love what we do. We have a similar work ethic as well. So yeah, Dwayne and I have a lot in common. And we've known each other for over 20 years now."

Given the number of pranks the two have played on each other during this press tour, it makes sense that they've been friends for so long.

It's also not the first time Reynolds has spoken about similarities with Johnson. He recently shared that the two of them, alongside Gal Gadot, bonded over the fact that they're all parents to three daughters and that he loves being a girl dad.

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