If you dream about colorful hikes and sparkling waters, you will want to visit this incredible spot. Red Cliffs Babylon Arch in Utah hides a dreamy river beyond a towering red stone archway where you can stop for a refreshing dip. The stunning contrast of the reds and oranges against the winding green waters will make you want to stay all day.

Red Cliffs Desert Reserve has a bounty of magical spots to explore. Babylon Arch is one such place, but it also offers a surprise at the end of the trail.

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You can traverse Babylon Arch Trail, which is a 1.5-mile path to the majestic archway. It stands sentinel in the desert and shows nature in all its glory.

From there, a short half-mile journey will lead you to the sparkling Virgin River where you can take a refreshing dip or sit on the bank for a breather.

To reach the trail, you can park at the Sand Cove Trailhead near Babylon Road.

According to the website, you will begin on the Flicker Trail for a short distance toward the Sand Cove camp area.

From there, a sign will direct you to the designated path to reach the arch.

The trek can be challenging in places, and during the summer months, the temperatures can rise quickly throughout the day.

Make sure to come prepared for the warm conditions with lots of water and protection against the sun.

The arch offers dreamy photo ops, and the reward of a refreshing dip in the river makes this trip well worth the effort.

You and your favorite hiking buddy will love the towering red rocks that line the path, and you might even start to feel like you're exploring another planet.

The reserve offers a variety of incredible hikes, so you can even spend several days exploring the area.

Entry costs $5, leaving plenty of cash for multiple visits or extra snacks for the adventure.

Pack those hiking boots and get ready for a truly unique destination.

Red Cliffs Desert Reserve Babylon Arch

Price: $5

Coordinates: Latitude: 37.209511, Longitude: -113.335939

Why You Need To Go: This stunning red arch leads to the sparkling Virgin River for a mesmerizing hike through the desert.


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