One organization has taken measures into its own hand after seeing a big decline in donations across Canada this holiday season. 

The Salvation Army is witnessing a major fall in contributions from members of the community and the pandemic is to blame, they said in a news release.

However, they have a solution to their problem and want you to tap into it.  

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6% Of fundraising reached in Manitoba 

The Salvation Army is the latest charity to switch gears to an online platform in order to garner support for those in need now that physical donations are less likely to happen with COVID-19.

They created a nation-wide initiative with Rogers and tiptap that will allow millions of Canadians to donate from the comfort of their home using their credit card or smartphone to donate.

The traditional Christmas Kettle Campaign will also have tap enabled so you can support someone in need while keeping yourself safe.  

"As life became more challenging this year for so many people, this new technology for our 2020 Christmas Kettle Campaign will help us continue to operate our life-changing programs," Lt-Colonel John P. Murray, spokesperson for The Salvation Army Canada said. 

This comes as the organization's branch in Manitoba announced a downward spike in donations now that the iconic Christmas kettles aren't out on street corners or in malls.

As a result, the group said that they only raised 6% of its fundraising goal, making the tap to give initiate more vital than ever.