'Selling Sunset' Star Chrishell Stause Revealed She's Dating G Flip After Jason Oppenheim

"I'm just very open to good energy."

Chrishell Stause. Right: G Flip in her music video.
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Chrishell Stause. Right: G Flip in her music video.

Chrishell Stause from Netflix's Selling Sunset is not only definitely over Jason Oppenheim, but she might be over men for now.

The reality TV star revealed during the Selling Sunset Season 5 reunion that she had a new special person in her life. She says she's dating a non-binary Australian singer who goes by the stage name G Flip, and she's very happy.

During the reunion episode, host and Queer Eye star Tan France asked the burning question on everyone's minds since Stause and Oppenheim broke up earlier this year. "Are you dating anyone? Got anything to tell us?"

Stause hesitated, then revealed that she had recently met a special person who she's been "enjoying."

"I have recently been spending a lot of time with someone that's very special to me," admitted Stause. "Their name is G Flip. They're non-binary, so they go by they/ them, and they are an extremely talented musician."

The couple met on the set of G Flip's music video in which Chrishell was playing the Australian singer's love interest.

G Flip posted stills from the music video on their Instagram and revealed that the video starring Stause would be released on May 13.

"Here are some BTS shots from the music video we shot for 'GET ME OUTTA HERE'. Song and video out next week MAY 13th 😈 comment if ya keeeeen for it…" read their caption.

It was pretty clear from the cast members' reaction that they didn't know about Stause's news.

Maya Vander was especially shocked but had some sweet words to share with her costar.

"I'm still processing," said Vander. "I know how she wants to be a mom, and hopefully, G Flip is in the same boat. Whatever makes you happy. I'm happy that you're happy."

"What I want to know is Jason, what do you think?" France asked Stause's ex.

"They seem like a badass," confessed Oppenheim. "And two, the smile that's been on your face the last couple of minutes makes me very happy, so I'm proud of you."

"I'm still very attracted to masculine energy and a good human," Stause shared. "I hear people talk about these things, and they're like I knew from a young age, and that's not me. I'm just very open to good energy, and I don't know what my future holds."

Seem's like the entire Oppenheim group is super supportive of Satuse's new relationship, and some of the other girls even admitted that they too had kissed people other than men before.

Sameen Chaudhry
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