Chrishell Stause From 'Selling Sunset' Stars In G Flip's New Music Video & It's Steamy AF

No wonder they got together 🌶

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Chrishell Stause in G Flip's Music video. Right: Chrishell Stause And G Flip in her music video.

Chrishell Stause in G Flip's Music video. Right: Chrishell Stause And G Flip in her music video.

Non-binary singer G Flip just dropped their new music video featuring girlfriend and Selling Sunset star Chrishell Stause, and their chemistry makes it pretty clear how they fell for each other.

Stause previously revealed that she fell for G Flip while shooting the video for their song GET ME OUTTA HERE, and we can see why.

The video starts with shots of G Flip playing the drums and sitting on the floor of a convenience store, but it doesn't take long for Stause to appear and take things up a notch.

The video shows the two making out in the convenience store, followed by clips of Stause walking toward the camera seductively.

Then things get even spicier, with an intense makeout session under red lights.

You get the point; there's a lot of making out in the video, and you can check It out on G Flip's YouTube.

Chrishell Stause first confirmed her romance with the Australian singer during the Netflix reunion episode for Selling Sunset, and since then, the couple has taken the world by storm.

During the episode, Stause shared that she'd "recently been spending a lot of time with someone that's very special."

"Their name is G Flip. They're non-binary, so they go by they/them, and they are an extremely talented musician."

Stause also revealed during the episode that their romance started on the set of the music video.

"It started because I was going to be in their video," shared Stause. "It's about this chaotic love story, and you know I come from soaps; I love that thing, but with the job that we have, I don't always get to do it."

So when the opportunity to star in the music video was presented to her, she jumped at it and obviously, it worked out great for her.

Tan France, the host of the reunion episode, asked her about her experience filming the video, and Stause shared that "it was so much fun. We had such a blast."

"I mean, not everyone's going to be ready for it, but I think it's great. I love it," said Stause. "I just saw it, and I think it's amazing. The song is amazing."

Stause went into more detail about her relationship with G Flip on Instagram this week, after sharing that she has no hard feelings about how things ended with ex Jason Oppenheim.

"For me, it is about the person," she explained. "It is about their heart, and yes, there's that part of you that's like what you're attracted to, but for me, I am attracted to masculine energy, but I don't really care what the physical form is."

Since the video's release, both Stause and G Flip have taken to their Instagram to promote the song.

G Flip even shared some funny memes people have made since the video dropped, using the clip of Stause's seductive walk followed by humorous captions.

My personal favourite has to be the one with the caption saying: "me drunk approaching the DJ asking them to play Mr. Worldwide."

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