A Starbucks Lover Shared All Her Free Birthday Drinks & She's A Barista's 'Worst Nightmare'

"I don't do this anymore bc I don't wanna be mean to Starbucks..."

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A Starbucks location. Right: The TikToker's free Starbucks birthday drink.

A Starbucks location. Right: The TikToker's free Starbucks birthday drink.

It's a well-known fact that you can get a free Starbucks drink on your birthday by being a member of their rewards program. That means anything — as much whipped cream, caramel drizzles, and or pumps of espresso as you want — for no cost.

One Starbucks lover says she did this every year, sometimes ordering things with 12 add-ins to create a tasty drink, but TikTok thinks her free birthday orders are a barista's "worst nightmare."

TikTok user Megan (@m3ganl1e) shared the free birthday Starbucks drinks she ordered from the coffee chain over the past few years, and some would have cost her up to $17 if she had to pay.

"I don't do this anymore bc I don't wanna be mean to Starbucks anymore," she captioned the post, so she seems to get how her orders are simply "hilarious" to some baristas and a terror for others.


megan on TikTok

Some of her orders included an $8.10 Venti frappucino with 12 add-ins, including a banana, a massive $17 smores frappuccino with about 21 add-in instructions, and another drink order that was so huge they had to fit it in two Venti cups.

As custom as these drinks are, Megan got all of them for free because she was a Starbucks Reward member and used her Birthday Reward every year.

"Your Birthday Reward may be redeemed at participating Starbucks stores only and excludes: multi-serve food or beverage items (for example, a tray of Cranberry Bliss® Bars or a Coffee Traveler); beverages that contain alcohol; merchandise and packaged coffee; and items available at Starbucks Roastery and Princi locations," according to the Starbucks Birthday Reward policy.

The TikTok clip has received over 18,000 views and some comments from Starbucks baristas sharing their thoughts on huge birthday drinks.

The comment section of the Starbucks birthday drink TikTok.The comment section of the Starbucks birthday drink TikTok.m3ganl1e | TikTok

It seems people are split on whether they mind huge drink orders like Megan's birthday sips.

"As a barista, this is my worst nightmare," one person commented.

However, it seems most baristas are fine with it on one condition: time.

"I'm a barista, and honestly, as long as you don't come and do this in the middle of our rush, this is hilarious, and I would love this," a user added.

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