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downtown calgary

Sometimes, it can feel like you've seen it all. Do you guys ever feel that way? 

Being stuck in the same old city can get pretty old real fast. I mean, there's really only so much you can do and when you've done it all, life starts to get a little dull. Seeing the same old faces and going about your life in the same routine can make a person want to go crazy.

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Anyone who's lived in Calgary long enough knows that the city definitely has it's faults. Despite these faults though, you can't deny that Calgs is a pretty alright place to live, and for every detriment, there's a positive to make up for it.

As Calgarians, we have a mutual understanding that we're allowed to talk sh*t about our city, but nobody else is. You have to be able to survive YYC for at least a few months before you earn the right to hate on it, and even when he hate, we do it out of love. 

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Every city has its hidden gems that locals try their best to keep secret. Maybe it's the best boutique in town, or the coolest Instagram photo-op in the entire city. For whatever reason, we want to keep these places to ourselves and protect them from the rest of the world. 

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If the honeymoon phase in your relationship is coming to an end, and you're running out of new and exciting things to do, wherever you may live, it might be time to consider a weekend getaway.

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Downtown Calgary is absolutely great. For one, it's a great place to enjoy some of Calgary's best restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops and bars all within walking distance. And the scenery is also pretty great if you ask me.

However, downtown definitely has some areas it needs to work on. Navigating downtown is a struggle in itself because it's just so... busy. There's so many people, cars, and taxis and it can often be overwhelming and confusing, especially for those of us who are easily frightened. Here are 29 thoughts every Calgarian has while navigating downtown.

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