'The Last Of Us' Cast & Crew Teased Canadians For How People Acted During Filming (VIDEO)

Sorry, Alberta!

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Pedro Pascal on set for The Last Of Us. Right: Huge parts of Calgary and Edmonton were closed for filming.

Pedro Pascal on set for The Last Of Us. Right: Huge parts of Calgary and Edmonton were closed for filming.

The Last Of Us cast spent around a year filming in Alberta and in that time, they not only got to witness the province's impressive scenery and its brutal seasons, they even picked up on a classic Canadian stereotype.

In a video, stars of the show Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, and showrunners Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, got real about filming the show in Alberta and even joked about the very Canadian response to the huge disruptions filming brought.

Pascal talked about how having real elements helped with shooting.

The Last of Us cast sit down with game and show creators | Creator to Creator [Part 1]youtu.be

"We had these physical locations. We had the real mountains, the real woods, the real river, the real snow. It was just like very little left to the imagination in terms of having to fake it," he said.

"You dressed entire areas of downtown Calgary and Edmonton," Pascal said to Mazin and Druckmann.

Ramsey quickly chimed in that they'd "p*ssed off all the residents."

Huge parts of the city, including a much-used flyover, were blocked off while crews were filming the show. However, it doesn't seem like the inconvenience got in the way of Canadian politeness from locals.

"They were so polite about it," Mazin added. "They said sorry to us."

"They were really nice about it," Pascal agreed.

Building the huge sets was worthwhile because not only did it look realistic on screen, but it also felt like being in the game in real life, Druckmann said.

"Whenever I showed back up in Canada, Craig was like 'you gotta come check this out,'" he said.

"I'm standing in the game. I am standing in the game and it's authentic and you can touch and you can walk around," he said.

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