5 Times 'The Last Of Us' Cast Showed Their Love For Alberta & Filming There

"I am actually very much in love with Calgary."

Calgary Staff Writer
Bella Ramsey shared a cast photo. Right: Bella Ramsey in the Rocky Mountains.

Bella Ramsey shared a cast photo. Right: Bella Ramsey in the Rocky Mountains.

HBO's hit series The Last Of Usis almost at its seventh episode already and for a lot of Albertans, it's been exciting to see recognizable spots appearing in every episode.

However, it seems like The Last Of Us cast is just as obsessed with the province as Albertans are with the show.

So many cast members have shouted out their time in the province on social media, sharing snaps from behind the scenes of the show.

Melanie Lynskey

Melanie Lynskey's terrifying stint as Kathleen on the show won't be forgotten in a hurry. Luckily, it seems like Albertans didn't get on her bad side as she's since tweeted multiple times about her time filming in the province.

Replying to people praising the show on Twitter, Lynskey said she is "very much in love with Calgary." She also told another user that Alberta is "incredible."

Bella Ramsey reflected on filming

As filming in Alberta wrapped after almost a year, Bella Ramsey opened up about the experience in an Instagram post and shared some "non-spoilery" behind-the-scenes snaps.

"I miss the show for all its ups and downs and long days (nights) and bruises and laughing fits and hour-long conversations," she said.

Ramsey also shared adorable photos of cast mates Nico Parker and Pedro Pascal outside Calgary restaurant, The Pigeonhole and with Pascal and Anna Torv on a flyover in Calgary.

Ramsey also joked about "accidentally" becoming Canadian

In another Instagram post, Ramsey joked that she had "accidentally become Canadian," with a plaid shirt, Calgary Flames toque and a Canada Stunts hat.

She also shared some cute photos of Calgary, the Rocky Mountains and her adorable pup.

Luna has shared so many photos

Gabriel Luna, who plays Tommy Miller on the show, has also shared a ton of photos from his time in Alberta where he attended a bunch of Flames games.

In an interview, Luna said he got to enjoy fly fishing on the Bow River and exploring Alberta's natural beauty in the summer. However, he added filming in winter was the coldest month of his life. He also joked that the crew called him a baby for his reaction to the weather.

Pascal raved about the "Canadian" experience

Pascal has also raved about Alberta and said he understands why the province was chosen as the backdrop for the series.

"There's such a powerful and dynamic physical landscape to Alberta. We used the real mountains, the real rivers, the real lakes, prairies, snow and all of it, and also built these incredible sets," he said.

He also said the dedication of the crew "felt very Canadian."

Charlie Hart
Calgary Staff Writer
Charlie Hart is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada's Western Desk focused on Alberta news and is based in Calgary, Alberta.
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