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If you search up the best hikes in B.C., you'll likely find the Stawamus Chief on the list. Little do most people know, that a few minutes down the road is a significantly better hike, with an equally epic view, and way fewer people crowding it in the summer.

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There are so many easy hikes in B.C. that can give you a breathtaking view without all the work. Luckily, a top adventure photographer, Ben Prescott, told Narcity the best hikes in B.C. to explore if you're a beginner — or just don't feel like a workout.

Prescott's Instagram, @itsbigben, is full of legendary views and images of steep cliffs surrounded by mountains. You can tell in one glance that he is a thrill-seeker at heart.

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If you're up for a serious adventure, there is no better place to do it than in B.C.

In a province full of wild hikes, Golden Ears Trail stands out for its incredible view of mountains stretching for miles in front of you.

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There's a lake in B.C. with bright blue water, surrounded by mountains, and a simple 7-kilometre hike through Yoho National Park will get you there.

The province is full of breathtaking hikes, but this one will make you feel you've stepped into a different world because it's just that beautiful.

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