5 Beach Towns On Tiny Islands In BC With Bright Blue Water & They Make The Perfect Getaway

It's hard to believe these are in Canada!

​A girl on a beach, Right: White sandy beach and blue water in BC.
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A girl on a beach, Right: White sandy beach and blue water in BC.

If you've been dreaming of a relaxing beach getaway but don't want to travel across the world, you're in luck because B.C. is filled with stunning little beach towns.

To make it even more magical, these towns are located on tiny islands with some breathtaking sandy beaches, and they'll make you forget you're even in Canada.

From white sandy beaches just like Hawaii to crystal blue water like the Caribbean — B.C. truly has it all. If you live in the city, these spots are a super easy weekend destination to get to, with just a quick hop over on the BC Ferries.

There are so many beautiful tiny islands to adventure to in B.C., that it might be hard to pick just one!

Little Tribune Bay, Hornby Island

Hornby Island is like the Hawaii of Canada. The beaches and water all look super tropical and it's the perfect beach getaway spot.

The island is roughly 4 hours and 44 minutes from Vancouver, using BC Ferries routes.


Shell Beach, Galiano Island

Galiano Island has some super white sand beaches. This place is definitely a hidden gem with its turquoise waters.

This island is super easy to get to from Vancouver with it being only 2 hours and 13 minutes away — it would make the perfect weekend trip!


Degnan Bay, Gabriola Island

The water and beaches on this tiny island look like have been plucked straight from the Caribbean. The island also has some magnificent natural wonders like the Malaspina Galleries, which are worth checking out.


Manson's Landing, Cortes Island

Manson's Landing has white sandy beaches and crystal blue water and is on Cortes Island. It's the perfect little tiny island to visit on any weekend trip this summer.

Cortes Island is a bit further away from Vancouver than some of these other tiny islands — but it looks worth the journey. The island is roughly 5 hours and 54 minutes away from Vancouver.


Denman Island

Denman Island has some gorgeous, slightly rockier, beaches and deep blue waters. The rock formations on the beaches are truly unique and will have you feeling like you are on a whole different planet.

It will take roughly 4 hours to get to this beautiful island.


Bennett Bay, Mayne Island

This island has some rockier beaches but stunning eye-piercing blue waters. Don't forget to bring your paddleboard because this is a stunning coastline to explore.


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