9 Tiny Islands In BC That Are Perfect For Whale Watching This Summer

From orcas to humpback whales! 🐋

​A woman sitting on a boat. Right: An orca whale jumping near kayakers.
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A woman sitting on a boat. Right: An orca whale jumping near kayakers.

B.C. has many tiny islands that are absolutely perfect for trying to catch a glimpse of some whales in the wild. Plus, they are the ideal weekend summer getaway plans since you can take BC Ferries to them.

While the weather is warm, start looking into visiting all these little hidden gem locations and you might even catch yourself seeing some humpback or orca whales along the way.

Saturna Island

Saturna Island is known for having some amazing whale-watching spots. There are some great hikes and kayaking areas that will be prime viewing spots to maybe see some orcas.

Some people have even had luck seeing orcas from the East Point Regional Park on Saturna Island.


Hornby Island

This tiny island in B.C. has some white sandy beaches and turquoise blue waters that almost look like a little Hawaii. Plus, it's a great spot to gaze at the ocean and feel like you are whale watching in the tropics.


Cortes Island

This island is such an amazing spot to catch a glimpse of massive humpback whales. If you can manage to take a boat out onto the waters surrounding the island the whale-watching views look astonishing.


Mayne Island

Mayne Island is surrounded by the stunning ocean and has so many look-out spots and beaches to search for whales.

Plus, if you're looking for a place to stay, the island is also home to one of the most wish-listed unique stays in the entire country.


Gabriola Island

Gabriola has so many stunning things to see, from the land and the sea. While on the island, you can check out many of their beaches and the amazing sandstone caves.

Plus, you might even catch some whales passing by.


Bowen Island

This tiny island is actually super close to Vancouver and it's roughly a 20-minute boat ride away. It's perfect for a day trip to try to catch a glimpse of some phenomenal sea creatures.

Also, the hikes on the island will provide the ultimate whale-watching views.


Salt Spring Island

This tiny secluded island has many little beaches to enjoy while gazing at the ocean. You might see anything from a harbour porpoise to a gray whale from this island.


Galiano Island

"From boating to hiking, kayaking to mopeding, festivals to whale watching, art shows to golf and fishing to fiestas, Galiano offers a wide range of experiences for our Island Guests to enjoy," says the island's website.

They also have some amazing parks and beaches with bright blue waters that will have you second guessing if you're even in Canada.


Denman Island

This Northern Gulf Island is a great place to see all kinds of nature including the massive sea creatures — whales. The island has a small community of approximately 1,100 people so if you enjoy seeing animals over people, come here.

It's the perfect place to have a picnic, enjoy some charcuterie, relax and take in those ocean views.


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