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If you are part of the roughly 70% of Canadians who embark on the daily consumption of coffee, you know the sensory awakening the delicious aroma of that caffeinated liquid provokes in most of us when brewed. Whether the smell allows you to manage to finally open your eyes wide for your morning routine, deeply concentrate on the task at hand or simply get out of bed like a prairie dog looking for snacks outside its home in the summer sun, coffee drinkers are simply wired to appreciate a nice stimulating drink.

Now, Vancouverites are far from running out of choices of cafés in the Rain City, the longing for a delectable cup of Joe without having to try a bunch of pickles along the way is real. While drip coffee or french press from home is always the best option in terms of saving money and time, you should really get out there and treat yourself to a nice caffe latte.

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If you want to get that European vibe, without the plane ticket, you're in luck.

Some of the best cafes in B.C. look like they should be on a street in Europe, and will give you that vacation feeling.

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There are some spots in Vancouver, B.C. where you can enjoy the perfect cup of hot chocolate, that will definitely make your mouth water.

A few of them are coming together to celebrate a huge festival for the tasty drink, with some signature hot chocolate drink creations, happening throughout January 15 - February 14, in Vancouver.

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B.C. has a remarkable amount of coffee shops that you should visit at least once in your life — because they are just that cool!

So many of the local shops in B.C. prepare your coffee in stunning forms of latte art. Not to mention there is a mix of unique spots, hidden gems and beachside cafes.

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If you work remotely, you're probably on the hunt for the best coffee shops to work from in Vancouver.

With so many jobs going remote or to a more flexible schedule, working from home has become a new reality for many — and as much as we all love rolling out of bed, missing traffic, and starting work in our PJs, even that can get old.

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