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You can take a romantic stroll surrounded by bright yellow flowers are this breathtaking garden in Vancouver

It will transport you to Europe, and make for the most picturesque moment of the summer.

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Moving to Vancouver six months ago was a huge change, and as soon as I arrived I was ready to explore everything around me. I've discovered some super fun activities to do in and around the city, and lots of them are totally free.

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The Vancouver Park Board met on Monday night and voted in favour of a proposed bylaw amendment, implementing a hefty fine of $500 for feeding urban wildlife.

After a sharp increase in coyote attacks these past months, leading to the temporary closure of Stanley Park, the community has been urged to resist feeding animals (no matter how cute) to reduce food left in parks.

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If you're looking for a way to beat the heat in B.C. this month, parks in Vancouver are now offering a boozy alternative to staying cool with water.

The City of Vancouver is starting a pilot project that allows the use of alcohol in certain parts of 22 of Vancouver's most popular parks, beginning on July 12 and ending on October 11.

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