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Health Canada Warns Of 'Harmful' Ingredient In Products Like Makeup & Bath Bombs

Health Canada says there are "risks associated" with products that contain talc.

On Friday, April 23, Health Canada issued a notice saying that it is proposing measures to reduce exposures to talc, which can be found in things like cosmetics and natural health products.

The notice says that certain self-care products like body powder, loose face powder, baby powder, diaper and rash creams, genital antiperspirants and deodorants, body wipes, bath bombs and bubble bath may contain talc.

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The department says that talc "may be harmful to lungs when inhaling certain loose talc powder products, and it is associated with ovarian cancer when using certain self-care products containing talc in the female genital area."

Health Canada is warning everyone to check the ingredients on product labels and avoid loose talc powders that could be inhaled as well as "certain self-care products containing talc in the female genital area."

The Canadian government is proposing measures to reduce exposures. "Canada is the first country in the world to propose action to help manage the human health risks of talc based on concerns related to ovarian cancer and lung effects for all age groups," says the notice.

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