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6 Reasons Why Florida Would Be Better Off If This Permanent Daylight Saving Law Passed

Florida senators want to make the time change permanent.
Florida Daylight Savings Time Why State Is Better Off With Permanent Change

Daylight saving can be a pain for anyone to deal with each year. For that reason and more, Florida’s U.S. Senators want to do away with the time change. The Sunshine Protection Act would make daylight saving time permanent not just statewide but for the entire country. If you’re one of the many who complain about Florida’s daylight saving time, here’s a list of reasons why the state would be better off with a permanent fix.

Senator Marco Rubio has been pushing for a change in the seasonal time-skip since 2018, being continually met with a split response. If his proposal became law, it would make the shift permanent across the country and officially do away with resetting clocks.

There are several advantages to a permanent time change but it wouldn’t impact time zones or the actual hours of sunlight — just when we get to enjoy them.

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With the end of the shift approaching on November 1, Rubio and Scott are again pushing to keep it permanent using current eventssurrounding the pandemic to support their cause.

Here are some reasons why Florida would be better off with a permanent change.

1. The law would make the change permanent across the country.

A Florida-only change would make daily activities like flight schedules difficult to coordinate, so the entire country would be subject to the change.

2. It would mean we'll enjoy more light at the end of the day and less in the morning.

The number of sunlight hours wouldn't change, but the way we experienced them would make the morning darker longer, and the evening lighter.

3. It could provide more stability for daily routines, particularly for those struggling with virtual learning.

Rubio explained that more daylight in the after-school hours could help families and children better navigate the school year.

4. More sunshine means more time to enjoy all Florida has to offer. 

With more daylight in the evenings, you can plan for longer outings and explore Florida even more.

5. The shift could help promote the tourism industry and allow people to stay out longer.

In his press release, Rubio notes that a study shows a drop in economic activity during the time reset.

6. No more resetting clocks is one less thing you have to worry about.

Forget about resetting clocks and just enjoy your day!

With plenty of elements to consider, a permanent time change for Florida and the rest of the U.S. may bring about more debate in the coming months.

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