#DeathSantis & #KempKills Are In A Trending Twitter Battle For Worst Governor

Who do you think will win?
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis #DeathSantis And Brian Kemp Are Trending For Who Is Worse

Florida governor Ron DeSantis and Georgia governor Brian Kemp are currently trending on Twitter as people discuss who they think should win for being the worst state leader.

Both DeSantis and Kemp have faced major criticism lately for not enacting statewide mask mandates, with Kemp going so far as to ban local mandates, prompting a response from Savannah Mayor Van Johnson on Twitter.

Governor Kemp does not give a damn about us. [...] Ignore the science and survive the best you can.

Mayor Van Johnson

DeSantis has been under fire for not enacting a statewide mandate and his handling of the pandemic in Florida for some time, even causing multiple hashtags to trend on Twitter including #DeSantisFailedFlorida, #DeSantisLiesFloridiansDie, and #DeSantisResign.

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Other Florida state representatives remain at odds when it comes to the argument for or against masks, with one rep calling those who wear them “angry mask Nazi zombies.”

Another begged the governor to enact a mandate after contracting COVID-19 himself.

Via Mayor Van Johnson