Team USA Athletes Are 'Loving' Their Olympic Skims Outfits & They're Showing Off On TikTok

Kim Kardashian is already a winner at the Olympics!

Team USA Athletes Are 'Loving' Their Olympic Skims Outfits & They're Showing Off On TikTok
Global Staff Writer

The Winter Olympics are days away, and Team USA athletes are already getting their hands on the official uniforms — and underwear — that they'll be wearing at the Games.

U.S. snowboarders Tessa Maud and Maddie Mastro recently showcased their new outfits on on TikTok, where they're seen trying on their new Skims for Team USA collab gear.

They each received a giant duffle bag with the straps reading "SKIMS" and the front saying 'TEAM USA," their stories show.

The package included a comfy boucle-knit robe, crop-tops, bicycle shorts and some tights, with many of the garments carrying Team USA logos and the American flag.

"SKIMS I LOVE YOU," Mastro wrote in a post that shows off her new clothes.

"You look so great," SKIMS wrote back on TikTok.


SKIMS I LOVE YOU #olympicspirit #winterolympics #teamusa

Kim Kardashian's company announced a deal to outfit Team USA's women last summer, but the designs only just came out in January.

"Introducing @SKIMS for @TeamUSA: a special collection celebrating the female athletes participating in the 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games," Kim Kardashian wrote on Instagram.

On January 25, the fashion brand announced that they'd drop yet another collection themed to this year's Olympic event. The SKIMS for Team USA Collection, which is now live on the SKIMS website for the general public to purchase, has an array of athletic apparel available, which includes sleepwear and loungewear.

SKIMS has been in a partnership with Team USA since the Tokyo Olympics last summer.

The deal has worked out pretty well for Kardashian, who recently added $600 million to her net worth because of SKIMS, Forbes recently reported.

The Winter Olympics kick off on February 4.

Cata Balzano
Global Staff Writer