The 1975's Matt Healy Gave A 22-Year-Old Her First Kiss At A Concert & Fans Are Divided

"It's a completely inappropriate power balance."

Matt Healy kissing a fan on tour.

Matt Healy kissing a fan on tour.

The 1975's lead singer Matt Healy gave a fan her first kiss at a recent concert — after swearing off kissing fans just a few days before.

The 33-year-old pop-rock singer has been wilding out at the At Their Very Best tour, which features performative elements like shirtless pushups, eating raw meat and even making out with the occasional fan.

At his Toronto show on December 12, Healy said he couldn't kiss any more fans because he didn't want to lose his "mystique."

Although according to a viral TikTok, it looks like the singer made an exception.


omg matty fucking healy kissed me…no man can ever compare. #mattyhealy1975 #the1975 #mattyhealy #mattyhealykissedme

In a viral video posted by the fan on December 15, Healy appears to read a fan's sign asking him to be her first kiss.

"You made a sign about kissing you... It says, 'Be my —' Oh, be your first kiss? For real?" he asks.

The fan shouts back, "Yes! Please!"

"The rest of the sign says, 'Be my first kiss...' What does it say? ... 'I'm 22.'" Healy noted that the woman's age was important before smiling and saying, "Yeah, 100%."

Before walking down to meet the fan, Healy said, "You better not be f*cking 16," but the fan reassured him that she had ID on her.

After Healy personally checked the woman's ID, he went up to her and asked if she was ready for the kiss.

She nodded and said, "Yes," and the pair shared a quick kiss, which turned out to be somewhat controversial.

22-year-old Carmen Mattson told Narcity she didn't think the kiss would happen.

"IT TRULY WAS MY FIRST KISS. I love him and the band so so much, and I’m just so grateful he decided to kiss me," she said. "He said he was done kissing fans, so I didn’t know if he would, and out of all those people, he choose me."

In the comments of the Tiktok video, fans congratulated the woman on the sweet moment, with one writing, "He was so gentle! How cute! Happy for you!"

Another wrote, "When he waits for your verbal consent too *swoon* 😍"

On Twitter, another video of the kiss was posted on December 15, and not all of the comments were as positive.

"It's a completely inappropriate power balance. There's an understood wall between performer and artist and this completely shatters that wall in a pretty dangerous way," said one person on Twitter.

Another Twitter user pointed out that the kiss was consensual but still had "weird vibes."

Whether you're for or against the kiss, you can see The 1975 in concert at their next show on Janury 8 in Brighton, U.K.

Narcity reached out to Healy and the fan for comment but didn't receive a response in time for publication.

Brooke Houghton
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