Swimming holes and summer sun? There's never been a better combination. If you've been itching to discover a gorgeous new swimming hole in B.C., we've found you the Holy Grail. Silver Spring Lakes is so phenomenal that it needs to be at the top of your summer bucket list this year and every year. 

Silver Spring Lakes is a set of three small lakes surrounded by spectacular canyons and cliffs.

The hot-spot is right next to the lovely little town of Fernie, B.C. The town is absolutely booming with natural attractions.

It's a ten-hour drive from downtown Vancouver, so you might as well rent a cute place in town for the weekend and explore to your heart's extent. 

It's a much shorter drive for Albertans — it only takes a little over three hours from downtown Calgary. You can go ahead and mark it down as an essential summer day trip

The first lake's trailhead is just about 20 minutes away from Fernie. You'll need to drive down south towards the town of Elko. 

Six kilometres past the Elk River Bridge, you'll find the trail's parking lot. Clearly-marked signs will direct you to the left of the parking lot where you'll soon come upon the cliffs. 

The distance between the trailhead and the first of the three lakes is 500 meters. Fernie's tourism department said that it should take you twenty minutes to complete. 

Their tourism site also mentions that Silver Springs is a notable destination for cliff-jumping. But note that it's at your own risk and that you should take all necessary safety precautions beforehand. 

You can also go around the cliff and dip in the cool turquoise waters the old-fashioned way. It's going to be epic either way. 

The water is spring-fed from the mountains. This means that it's super fresh and ideal for fishing if you're into that. The colours speak for themselves and will truly blow your mind. 

It can also be a cold rush from time to time, so keep that in mind before you jump in. 

The first lake is quite popular among swimmers, so you might want to head to the second and third lakes for peace and quiet. 

The entire trail is rated as an easy-moderate hike; its total length is about 3.7 kilometres. Considering you get to feast your eyes on three amazing sparkling-blue lakes, it really isn't much of a trek. 

Whether you're a fan of turquoise waters (who isn't) or you love cooling off at secret swimming holes in the summers, this lake's got something in it for you. 

Silver Spring Lakes

Address: Fernie, BC

Why You Need To Go: Take a dip in three surreal mountain swimming holes that are just cool enough for a summer day. 

We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.

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