This TikToker's Hack Could Help You Book Your Booster Dose Much Sooner In Ontario (VIDEO)

Book for March, but reschedule for January!

This TikToker's Hack Could Help You Book Your Booster Dose Much Sooner In Ontario (VIDEO)

If you've been struggling to book a booster shot in Ontario, this hack might just help you get your third dose a little sooner.

With some places already totally booked up, it can be frustrating to wait on the provincial or regional portal to open up spots, but there might be a way to get around that.

On December 31, TikTok user @carlymccready shared this useful hack on how to quickly get an appointment in Ontario via the online Shoppers booking system.


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They recommend that you book the soonest appointment possible that's available, even if it's for later in the year, like March.

Once Shoppers sends you the confirmation, that's when you can make the change. They advise you to click the reschedule link in the email, which is where you can see appointments that others have given up.

So although on December 31 they booked an initial appointment for sometime in March, with the hack they were able to reschedule for the first week of January.

"I've booked like 15 people this way," they shared, noting that there are a few spots on Etobicoke where it's worked particularly well for them.

"But it works anywhere, and you can keep re-looking cause it's basically like people are dropping their appointments and that's what you're seeing," they said. "So like check back a couple of times a day and you could maybe even get a sooner appointment."

Given that your plans for the month are probably cancelled with Ontario's new restrictions coming into effect on January 5, now might be the perfect time to spend some time trying to book that third appointment!

Good luck!

Health Canada has a robust website with all the latest information on COVID-19 vaccines and can answer any questions you may have.

Sarah Rohoman
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