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This Winter In Canada Might Be Even Colder Than Expected Because Of A Weather Phenomenon

It's never too early to start preparing for winter in Canada and the season could be colder than expected because of a weather phenomenon called La Niña.

The World Meteorological Organization has forecasted that there's a 40% chance La Niña might emerge between September and November and then re-emerge from November to January. This phenomenon is the large-scale cooling of the sea surface temperatures in the Pacific Ocean, which can affect weather around the world.

According to The Weather Network, an active La Niña could mean a colder winter in Western Canada that might extend to Ontario along with wetter conditions on the West Coast and near the Great Lakes.

It could also help form tropical storms in the Atlantic Ocean, with the potential for more major hurricanes with a strength of category three or greater.

Forecasts for the season in Canada have called for a "frosty flip flop" winter, with an early start to the season in some provinces and first blasts of snow that could come sooner than you'd probably expect.

It's not officially winter yet but you might want to start thinking about winter tires for your car if you haven't already.

According to The Weather Network, the tires work best when the temperature is below 7 degrees, so a good measure of when you should have them on is when the average daily high trends below that temperature.

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Hurricane-force winds look set to rattle parts of B.C. this week and it all stems from a storm you've probably not heard of yet.

The remnants of Typhoon Namtheun, which is now a tropical storm tracking across the Pacific Ocean, are set to cause a super-charged event that could impact western Canada, according to The Weather Network.

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If you don't like the cold, this will probably be tough to read! A new Canada winter forecast has predicted that this season will be a battle between frigid and mild temperatures with most of the country experiencing frosty weather.

The Weather Network has released a sneak peek of its winter forecast and it's expected that a major pattern reversal will happen near the end of November and then dominate in December, bringing above-seasonal temperatures to the west and cold to the east.

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Brace yourselves! There's a new Canada winter forecast and it looks like most of the country is in for a pretty frigid, snowy season.

According to AccuWeather's new forecast for the season, frosty conditions are expected to make a big return from B.C. all the way to Quebec because of weather phenomenon La Niña but Atlantic Canada could be spared from the worst of it.

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