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This TikToker Found A Free Fry Refill Hack & It Might Just Change Your Life (VIDEO)

He's been getting free fry refills at McDonald's, Wendy's and more! 🍟

TikTok Food Hack Gets Free Fry Refills In McDonald's & Wendy's

If you're a fan of TikTok food hacks, look no further! One TikTok user is sharing how they get free fry refills in places like McDonald's and Wendy's and it's actually way simpler than you might think.

The first free fast food video from Orlando Johnson — whose goes by the handle itsosoprodigy on TikTok — was posted last week and shows Johnson's friend heading over to a McDonald's counter to ask for a refill of french fries.


McDonald’s out here with exceptional service they icecream machine was down tho 😴 #fyp #mcdonalds #fypシ #xyzbca

The video clip, which has been viewed over 5 million times on TikTok, then shows a staff member handing over what appears to be a totally free fry refill.

Johnson's friend can be seen returning to their table carrying a carton overflowing with fresh french fries.

According to the TikTok video's comments, McDonald's actually has a policy that allows for refills of large-size fries in some restaurants.

After the success of their first attempt, the group then tested the hack for a second and third time at Raising Cane's and Wendy's.


Where should I try next?👀 #fypシ゚viral #xyzbca #fries #wendys #ItsOsoProdigy

Both times, they were able to get a free fry top-up, suggesting that other fast-food companies may have similar free refill policies.

A follower then asked Johnson to try asking for a free chicken nugget refill at McDonald's

The staff member appears to say no to the request for a free nuggets refill, but does offer them two free Happy Meals instead, which happened to include six chicken nuggets!

It's always worth asking, right?!

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