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Tim Hortons Is Getting Into The Toy Bizz With New Barbies & Mini Sticks

Double double and a mini stick, please.
Tim Hortons Is Getting Into The Toy Bizz With New Barbies & Mini Sticks

This is quite an intriguing pairing. Tim Hortons toys are an actual thing that you can buy now and they have a hockey theme of course. There are hockey-playing Barbie dolls and collectible mini sticks.

The coffee chain is making their toy debut with new Barbies but you can't buy them over the counter or at the drive-thru just yet.

While they are being sold at Toys "R" Us Canada, there are only white versions of the doll.

Tims won't be selling them at locations across the country until both black and white hockey player Barbies are available.

According to The Canadian Press, Tims only planned to launch one doll as part of an initiative to get girls involved with the sport but that changed following recent protests about anti-black racism.

So the launch of the toy at coffee shops in Canada has been pushed to try and make the toy more diverse.

Mattel, the maker of Barbie, was asked to rush the production of the black doll and is on board with it.

When available, both will be decked out in hockey gear and come with a jersey that has Tim Hortons written on it, a helmet and a stick. 

That's not the only toy coming to the market. 

To celebrate the Stanley Cup Playoffs, there's a new collection of limited edition mini versions of the sticks that NHL players use during games.

They're all 5.5 inches tall and come in a locker box that features either Sidney CrosbyNate MacKinnonMitch MarnerConnor McDavidAlex Ovechkin or Carey Price

They are currently available at Tims locations across Canada for $5.99.

Tim Hortons | CNW Group

With the NHL playing the rest of the season in hub cities Toronto and Edmonton, Tims coffee trucks have been in the bubble too.

Players, coaches and staff can get coffee, iced capps, donuts and other baked goods at the trucks.

A goalie coach with the Tampa Bay Lightning even posted on Twitter that Tims is the best part of living in the bubble.