Tim Hortons Told People They Won A $10,000 Prize With Roll Up To Win But It Was A Mistake

This "technical error" lasted for a few hours. 😬

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​Person holding a Roll Up To Win cup from Tim Hortons. Right: Tim Hortons sign for a location in Toronto.

Person holding a Roll Up To Win cup from Tim Hortons. Right: Tim Hortons sign for a location in Toronto.

Tim Hortons told some Canadian customers that they won a $10,000 Roll Up To Win prize but it was actually a "technical error" and they aren't getting the money.

Jeremy McDougall was affected by this glitch and posted a screenshot on Twitter on March 7, 2023, of the Tim Hortons app notifying them that they had won the $10,000 daily prize with Roll Up To Win.

McDougall also shared an email from Tims telling them that they are part of a small group of players who were mistakingly told they were winners.

"Your roll(s) that you revealed were entered into the jackpot. Unfortunately, as part of that entry, you were presented with an incorrect award message for a prize that is not available to be won instantly," the email from Tim Hortons said. "Your prize 'Timeline' in the Roll Up To Win game shows the correct entry into the jackpot."

"We regret any confusion and disappointment caused by this error and we're sending a $50 Tim Card to your Tims Rewards account to thank you for understanding," the email continued.

Customer Carter Taylor also tweeted on March 8, 2023, that they were notified through the Tims app that they had won $10,000.

They said Tim Hortons was looking into it but no email had come to their inbox to verify the win.

"Now I'm seeing all over the internet and news that it's an error," they tweeted. "Extremely frustrating."

Another customer, Janet MacMullin, replied to one of Taylor's tweets and said they were dealing with the same situation and had just received the "oops my bad email" with the $50 gift card.

In a statement shared with Narcity on March 9, 2023, a representative for Tim Hortons confirmed there was a "technical error" that lasted "for a few hours" the morning on March 6, 2023.

It caused some customers to be shown an incorrect award message telling them that they were winners of the Roll Up To Win daily $10,000 jackpot prize.

"We're already in contact with some of the impacted guests to express our regret for the disappointment caused by this error," the Tims representative said.

The daily $10,000 jackpot is a new prize that was added to Roll Up To Win this year.

Every time you reveal a roll in the Tims Hortons app, even if it's not a win for another prize, you'll get an entry to the jackpot contest for that day.

Winners will get the $10,000 jackpot prize through American Express prepaid cards.

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