Tim Hortons Class Action Lawsuit Is Now Settled & You Can Get Free Hot Beverages & Baked Goods

The class action lawsuit is related to the collection of location data on the Tim Hortons app.

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​Tim Hortons location in Toronto.

Tim Hortons location in Toronto.

The Tim Hortons class action lawsuit in Canada has now been settled and some people are being offered free hot beverages and baked goods.

This official resolution comes after Tim Hortons proposed a settlement back in 2022 for class action lawsuits filed in Ontario, B.C. and Quebec related to location data collected on its app.

It was alleged that the collection of user data was a breach of privacy rights.

Before the class action settlement was proposed and agreed on, Canada's federal privacy commissioner found that the Tim Hortons app tracked and collected location data of users "every few minutes of every day" even when they weren't using it.

On February 1, 2023, Tim Hortons sent out an email to Canadian residents who used the Tims app from April 1, 2019, to September 30, 2020, and had their geolocation data collected at least once.

If you received this email, you are part of the now court-approved settlement of the national class action lawsuit related to the Tim Hortons app.

You're being given two credits with the settlement: one free hot beverage credit and one free baked good credit.

Those credits will be automatically applied to your Tim Rewards account so you can activate and use them as of February 1, 2023.

Tim Hortons said that credit can be used on a baked good that costs up to $2.39 plus taxes which could include a croissant, a muffin, a bun, a biscuit, a cookie or a doughnut.

Also, the hot beverage — like a brewed coffee, a hot latte, a hot cappuccino, a hot espresso, a hot cortado, a hot tea or a hot chocolate — you get with the credit can only be up to $6.19 plus taxes.

The hot beverage and baked good credits can be redeemed at a Tim Hortons location in Canada and are only good for one-time use.

If you don't redeem the credits from the class action lawsuit settlement within 12 months of their deposit, they will expire and be removed from your Tims Rewards account. However, if you still want to redeem those credits after they have been deleted from your account, you may contact Tims' guest services during the following 12 months to redeem them.

When the proposed settlement for the class action lawsuit was shared with customers in 2022, people slammed Tims for only offering free beverages and baked goods.

Tim Hortons' continued stance on the situation is that the allegations in the lawsuit haven't been proven in court and no wrongdoing has been committed.

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