25 Toronto Slang Words You've Definitely Heard At Least Once

Are you speaking the right language?
25 Toronto Slang Words You've Definitely Heard At Least Once

If you're from Toronto, you probably have to adjust your language if you're leaving your city to travel anywhere that's not immediate to the GTA. Luckily with language that's similar to that of our fellow Mississauga and Brampton mans we can still communicate well.

But if you're a true native to Toronto, this list of words is a part of your normal everyday vocabulary, whether you use them or just know what they mean. And you definitely don't need to search any of these up on Urban Dictionary!

1. "6ix"

If you're from Toronto, you have no time to say or type out the entire word that is Toronto. It also sounds much cooler anyways! The number six comes from the last digit in Toronto's area code 416.

2. "Flex"

This word is used two ways. As a verb, when you're showing off, otherwise known as "stunting," and as an add on to a noun when you're about to go somewhere or do something. An example would be if you're going to McDonald's you'd say "it's a McDonald's flex".

3. "Hooooly"

When you need to react to something, or if someone is annoying you, you opt for a "hooooly" to let out all your feelings into an exaggerated reaction.

4. "Tdot"

If you're from Toronto and over the age of 25, then you've most likely used this often. Now the city is labelled as the 6ix, but Tdot is forever stuck with some people, however, it's so five years ago!

5. "Scoop me."

If someone wants to get a ride somewhere, they'll say scoop me. Not sure where this comes from, but it usually brings to mind the imagery of an ice cream scoop.

6. "Copped"

Did you go to the mall and buy a fresh pair of kicks? Or did you go to the mall and "cop" a new pair of kicks? The latter is the one you'd understand if you're from the 6ix.

7. "That's wild."

If something is really cool, or if you simply lack a better reaction to something someone is saying, then a simple "that's wild" works in expressing yourself. It's the Sauga version of saying "that's nice".

8. "Sweeterman"

This is the term to describe a guy that is smooth with the ladies. Normally all guys in Sauga fight for the title, but finding an actual sweetermans there is scarce. The term was made popular by Mississauga rapper and artist Ramriddlz and Toronto's very own 6ix god Drake.

9. "Finna"

Finna has no specific word it is replacing, it's just basically a filler word. It's excess vocab that you say anyways. An example would be "You finna better check yourself."

10. "Fam"

An easy reference to the squad, and also a much more loving reference as well. Where's your 6ix fam at? Other variations include famo or famz (because Torontonians like to add 'z' to the end of every word.)

11. "Bean"

If someone is being stupid, you just resort to calling them a bean, it's pretty simple. The Scarborough version of this is known as "beanazz" because in Scarborough the slang can be pretty extra AF.

12. "Nahhh"

Instead of saying no, you say "nahhhh" with a bit of a ripple at the end, sounding similar to the call of a goat. A perfect example would be "nahhh b, mans aren't going to Bloke tonight."

13. "Ting"

Not referring to the popular soft drink, ting is a largely interchangeable term used across the GTA. Some examples are "pass the ting there for me" or "is that girl you're messaging your new ting?". Thank the 6ix god Drake again for this word's increased popularity.

14. "Yea eh?"

This is how Toronto mans flirt. Don't mistaken this as an innocent question. It is not! Not sure how, but two out of five times, this pick up line actually works.

15. "Don't cheese me"

This means "do not anger me". Not sure why cheese and anger are used interchangeably, but if someone from Toronto tells you they're feeling cheesed, don't take it as a joke.

16. "Reach"

If you're calling out at your homies to come over and hang out, you just simply say "reach." Other interchangeable phrases commonly used include "link up" and "come through."

17. "Waste mon"

If someone is acting lame or shady they referred to as a waste mon. It is also another way of saying fvck boy. The phrase is common across the GTA and rooted from the Jamaican patois vocabulary.

18. "Cyattie"

This is the female equivalent to a waste mon. Normally it refers to girls who have a bad repuation, otherwise known in common slang as "thots".

19. "'Llow It"

This is an abbreviation for "allow it". This is 6ix talk for "let it be". If something happens and you catch feelings or get mad, your friend will reassure you with a couple of golden words and say "'llow it fam."

20. "That's weak"

If something is lame or not up to par with your certain 6ix standards, then it is considered weak. For instance, you and a friend are playing a sport and your friend makes a really bad play, you'd roast your friend and note how weak that play was.

21. "Dry"

If something is really blunt or straight up, it is considered dry. This was a common phrase back in the early 2000s, however, it is still a common word in the Toronto lexicon.

22. "Mix up"

If someone is being wishy washy or sus (short for suspicious), then you can easily categorize them as being "mix up". An example would be saying something like "yo my ex is being a mix up ting dawg".

23. "Bare"

If there is something in abundance, then you've got bare amount of it. So you went to a local buffet and your friend came back saying" yo they had bare food at that place" that would be correct use of the word.

24. "Mans"

This doesn't necessarily mean you're referring to the plural of men, but it can mean you're referring to one person, and in many cases you're using the term to speak in third person about yourself. Such an example would be if you had work in the morning, you'd say "mans has work in the morning, time to roll out."

25. "That's beat" 

If something is ugly, then it's "beat." This is derived from something looking beat up or haggard. It doesn't need to be a person, this word can be used to describe objects as well.

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