A Self-Serve Wine Bar Just Opened Near Toronto & You Can Sip From 'Wine Vending Machines'

You'll be able to taste the wine before you buy it.

Charcuterie board and wine glass. Right: A woman filling a wine glass from a dispenser.
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Charcuterie board and wine glass. Right: A woman filling a wine glass from a dispenser.

If you thought self-serve machines were reserved for frozen yogurt or coffee, think again. A unique new bar just opened near Toronto and you can taste wine before you purchase it.

Wine on Main is a self-serve wine bar and bottle shop that officially launched in Newmarket on December 7, 2022. The venue, which claims to be the first of its kind in the GTA, allows guests to sample a variety of wines before purchasing a full glass or bottle.

The store refers to itself as the "Dave & Buster's of wine" and features unique "wine vending machines" where you can fill your cup with 1 oz, 3 oz or 5 oz of the drink of your choice by charging a card.

You can load the wine cards with increments of $25, $50, $75 or $100, then sample away. The wine is dispensed from a spout near the top of the machines and you just need to hold your glass under it and select the amount that you want to sample.

The wine selection is constantly changing, so there will be lots to choose from. The beverages are selected from vineyards around the world and aren’t readily available at the local LCBO, so be prepared to try some new wines.

In addition to wine, the venue serves cheese, charcuterie, and vegan boards and you can relax at the bar or in the cozy seating area at the back.

The bottle shop also sells non-alcoholic wine, beer, espressos, and non-alcoholic elixirs like Fever Tree Ginger Beer.

Wine on Main

\u200bWine on Main.

Wine on Main.

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Cuisine: Wine bar

Address: 186 Main St. S., Newmarket, ON

Why You Need To Go: This unique bar lets you sample wine before you buy it.


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