LCBO Revealed What Ontario Drank In 2022 & Sales For 1 Spirit Dramatically Increased

What spirit did you reach for this year?



Shopping at the LCBO is commonplace for a lot of Ontarians, but what did customers take off the shelves in 2022?

LCBO released a report on the shopping habits of Ontarians in 2022, and it seems like one spirit was on everybody's grocery list.

From January 1 to October 5, tequila sales were up 28% at LCBO, according to the report.

Customers gravitated toward the spirit due to new innovative brands, products like mezcal and cocktail trends.

Ontario was also thirsty for whiskey and scotch this year.

"New customers and collectors alike were eager for new innovations and special releases of highly sought-after collector brands," reads the press release.

"Our Whisky Shop Collection of specially released scotches and whiskies from around the world experienced growth of more than 25% over the previous year."

Surprisingly, when it comes to wine, Ontarians weren't slurping it back like they did in 2021.

Wine sales were down this year, but when customers did indulge in vino, they bought more expensive bottles.

Even though LCBO does have some tasty bottles under $20 that you can sip on, according to an expert Narcity recently spoke with.

Champagne, sparkling European wines, California wines, and rosé were trending upward this year and responsible for some growth in the wine category. Icewine also made a comeback in 2022, with a 52% growth in online and in-store purchases.

Sales for coolers and premixed cocktails slowed down, but they're still the most popular category, which makes sense, considering LCBO highlighted that "convenient formats" were trending this year.

When it comes to beer, people in Ontario were looking for value, given the economic situation, and if you look at food inflation and housing prices, it makes sense.

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Brooke Houghton
Brooke Houghton is a contributing writer for Narcity Media based in Toronto, Ontario.