This Toronto TikToker Will Tell You  What Cheap LCBO Wines Under $15 Are Actually Worth It

She has 10 years of experience in the industry.

LCBO storefront. Right: Rack of wine at LCBO.

LCBO storefront. Right: Rack of wine at LCBO.

Unless you're a wine connoisseur or just really good at adulting, you've probably stood in front of a wall of wines at the LCBO and wondered what to buy.

Kaity, a 32-year-old Toronto TikToker with 10 years of experience in the alcoholic beverage industry, has created a solution on TikTok for all of us less than wine-literate folks who can't tell the difference between a great bottle and a bad one.

"I really wanted to make wine approachable and fun for our generation, millennials and even Gen Z, " Kaity told Narcity.

Last year Kaity started making TikTok's, highlighting her favourite bottles with an emphasis on affordable wines under the name @millennialslovewine.

"It was kind of random. I was just at the LCBO one day, and I posted about a few wines I had recently tried. I added a few little captions to each wine in parallel with watching your favourite reality tv show or would be great sipping on a yacht, and it kind of took off."

Kaity says she started making TikTok's about wine because she wanted to break down the barriers for people looking to learn about wine – especially women.

"The industry tends to be pretty male-dominated and kind of snobby, so I want to break down those barriers."

While Kaity gives top-notch advice, particularly on bottles under $15, she also chats about tequila and other spirits in fun and relatable ways. From offering pairings that go well with tinder dates to the rosé that will make you wish you had a sugar daddy.

@millennialslovewine how does one go from etobicoke thot to Yorkville mom? asking for a friend #whisperingangel#santamargherita#wine#yorkville♬ original sound - Steven Johnson

Currently, she posts an average of three to five TikToks per day, and in just a year, her content has amassed a following of 12.9K on TikTok and almost three thousand followers on Instagram.

As of now, @millennialslovewine is a passion project and side hustle for Kaity, but she hopes to keep growing her brand and maybe even create her own wine one day.

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