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A Car Crashed Into An LCBO In Brampton & The Whole Thing Was Caught On Camera (VIDEO)

Non-life-threatening injuries were reported.

Toronto Associate Editor
A car that crashed into an LCBO.

A car that crashed into an LCBO.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

Some shoppers looking to stock up their liquor cabinets were in for an unexpected beer run after a car crashed into an LCBO in Brampton over the weekend. The incident was caught on video.

"Holy f*** somebody just crashed into the LCBO," a TikTok user said while capturing the video as they followed behind other customers evacuating the store.

The video then pans around the corner to reveal a damaged, dark grey sedan that appears to have driven into the LCBO storefront.

In the clip, the bumper is completely destroyed and dismantled, with some bricks from the building and other vehicle parts strewn on the sidewalk.


Just witnessed this happen live. Thankfully nobody was injured. #Crash #LCBO #Canada #FYP

"Yo!" The voice behind the camera shouts as another onlooker asks the driver if they're OK.

The person filming the video then approaches the car after the driver tries to push the car door open.

"You need help to get out?" the person asks. They then open the door and urge the driver to come out of the car as quickly as possible.

The motorist was able to get out of the vehicle with some help, but was clearly shaken up from the event.

"Thankfully nobody was injured," the TikTok video's caption reads.

LCBO confirmed to Narcity that on Saturday, February 26, a car drove into the LCBO storefront at 9970 Airport Rd. in Brampton.

While the store shut down following the accident for the rest of the day, the Brampton LCBO store was open for business the following day.

Peel Regional Police tweeted about a collision in the area of Airport Road and Bovaird Drive East in Brampton involving one vehicle and damage to a business in a plaza.

Police said that two people that were inside the business at the time of the collision were being looked at by Peel Paramedics but that injuries appear to be non-life-threatening.

The driver was cleared by paramedics, police said.

"There were no arrests made as a result of that incident, " Constable Mandeep Khatra confirmed to Narcity in an email.

Khatra also said that no further details about the incident could be shared at this time.

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